Tolan penalty sends Tir na nÓg on their way

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IFC Group 2- Round 2

Tír na nÓg: 1.13 (16) St. Patrick’s Lisburn: 0.07 (7)

Tír na nÓg recover after a defeat on Sunday to take the spoils at Whitehill this evening with a 9 point win over St. Patrick’s Lisburn. Despite St. Patrick’s getting the first score after 4 minutes, after 8 minutes Tír na nÓg had the ball in the back of the net from a penalty and never looked back. Aaron Thompson looked lively from the beginning. After winning a 13 metre free he tried to hit it quickly and it was easily stopped by the home side. On his second attempt he pointed after 4 minutes. After a lazy foul on Aodhan Tolan, Charlie Hemsworth firstly signalled a free but on inspection changed his mind and awarded a penalty for Tír na nÓg.

Tolan stepped up himself and despite going the right way Peter O’Neill couldn’t reach far enough to deny the major. The McMullan brothers Ben and Josh looked dangerous as they jinked in and out of the Tír na nÓg defence. Ben reaped the rewards when he pointed after 10 minutes. Brother Josh was then fouled and Thompson spilt the posts from the dead ball. Tír na nÓg shifted up a gear and hit 4 scores in a row prior to the water break through Aaron McNeilly (free), Darragh Fagan (mark) and brothers Caoimhin & Sean Duffin. As the game restarted both teams struggled to find their range and it wasn’t until additional time at the end of the half that Tír na nÓg added another two scores onto their tally from Fagan and McNeilly (free) to leave the margin 6 at half time.

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As the second half began Eamon Óg McAllister fielded a high ball and was fouled. He regained his composure and pointed the resultant free. After a very awkward fall, McAllister was lucky to walk off the pitch and not carried off on a stretcher. Jack McMullan and Mark Chemek did their best to deny the blues and forced the kick on numerous occasions. Ciaran McKeown and Shane McEvoy traded points in the third and fourth minute. Substitute Conor Dixon was introduced for the visitors and made an immediate impact. After a foul on McMullan he scored the free. 5 minutes later he threw a lovely dummy and pointed after sending the defender the wrong direction. Fagan got his first free of the game after a foul on McNeilly before the second water break. Tír na nÓg now led by 6 points. In the last quarter of the game Tír na nÓg kicked a further 4 points from McNeilly (x2- 1 free), Fagan and Sean Duffin. Lisburn were reduced to 14 men after Josh McMullan was cautioned for the second time for continuous fouling. Ben McMullan got the last score of the game but Tír na nÓg held out for a comfortable win. On Sunday Tír na nÓg have their second home game when the host St. Paul’s, St. Patrick’s are on the road again as they travel to Rasharkin. Both games throw in at 2pm.

Tír na nÓg 1. SP McAtamney 2. N. Cassidy 3. C. McGrellis 4. P. Cullen 5. C. O’Neill 6. S. Duffin 7. C. Duffin 8. R. O’Neill 9. B. McCormick 10. A. McNeilly 11. C. Mckeown 12. C. McKeown 13. E. Óg. McAllister 14. D. Fagan 15. A. Tolan 16. M. Dempsey 17. D. Mallon 18. B. Magee 19. D. O’Kane 20. K. Kerr 21. C. Dobbin 22. K. Sheerin 23. P. Sheerin 24. M. Tolan 25. D. Martin Subs: K. Sheerin for E. Óg McAllister, D. O’Kane for C. Logan, M. Tolan for C. McKeown Scorers: A. Tolan (1.0), A. McNeilly (0.4- 3 frees), D. Fagan (0.4- 1 free), C. Duffin (0.1), S. Duffin (0.2), E. Óg McAllister (0.1- 1 free), C. McKeown (0.1)

Lisburn 1. P. O’Neill 2. P. Law 3. T. Burns 4. J. McMullan 5. M. Torbitt 6. M. Cherneck 7. S. McEvoy 8. M. Fegan 9. S. O’Suilleabhain 10. B. McMullan 11. F. McMeel 12. C. Morgan 13. A. Thompson 14. J. McMullan 15. D. Devine 16. P. Casey 17. C. Burns 18. O. Goreman 19. C. Ewing 20. S. Burns 21. P. Ferris 22. D. Cartland 23. C. Dixon 24. E. Fay 25. P. McMahon 26. S. Brannigan 27. L. McKeown Subs: C. Dixon, E. Fay, C. Ewing, O. Gorman Scorers: A. Thompson (0.2- 1 free), B. McMullan (0.2), S. McEvoy (0.1), C. Dixon (0.2-1 free)


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