Rasharkin score at will at the Kricky

Casement Social Club Junior Hurling Championship

Ardoyne 0-8 Rasharkin 9-22

Photographs: Bert Trowlen

St. Mary’s Rasharkin are never likely to have an easier day than they had in this Casement SC JHC game against Kickham’s Ardoyne at Fennell Park on Sunday. The visitors adapted to the artificial surface at the Kricky and had this one put to bed long before the half time whistle.

Conor McKeever led the way with six first half points while Shane Hasson, Declan McKay and James Scally all rattled the Ardoyne net with Hugh Grieve replying with two points for the Kickham’s.

It got no better for the hapless Ardoyne men after the break as Rasharkin continued to turn the screw as the rampant Conor McKeever brought his total for the hour to 1-9 and Shane Hasson weighed in with 1-3 with Scally adding a goal to his first half tally. Colm Kennedy added three second half goals and Donagh Quigg another as the visitors scored at will.

Hugh Grieve was doing everything in his power to respond for the home side and raised another 0-3 to his first half total but he was fighting a losing battle and Ardoyne will now try to regroup for the Junior B championship

Rasharkin Team:

1. Aidan Darragh

2. Liam Tunney

3. Daniel Doherty

4. Conor Doherty

5. Daniel Hasson

6. Conor Hasson

7. Tiernan O’Boyle

8. Paul Reilly

9. Thomas McMullan

10. Conor McKeever

11. Aidan McKeever

12. Donagh Quigg

13. James Scally

14. Declan McKay

15. Shane Hasson

17. Ruairi O’Boyle

18. Conor Donaghy

19. Colm Kennedy

20. Shane Doherty

24. Anthony O’Kane

25. Fergus Quigg


Fergus Quigg for Conor Doherty

Ruairi O’Boyle for Declan McKay

Conor Donaghy for Thomas McMullan

Colm Kennedy for Conor McKeever

Shane Doherty for Paul Reilly

Rasharkin Scorers

Conor McKeever (1-9) 1st Half 0-6, 2nd Half 1-3

Declan McKay (1-0: 1st Half)

Shane Hasson (2-3) 1st Half 1-0, 2nd half 1-3

James Scally (1-4) 1st Half 0-4, 2nd Half 1-0

Conor Hasson (0-1: 1st Half)

Aidan McKeever (0-1: 1st Half)

Thomas McMullan (0-1: 1st Half)

Donagh Quigg (1-3) 1st Half 0-2, 2nd Half 1-1)

Colm Kennedy (3-0: All in 2nd half)

Top Scorer for Ardoyne: Hugh Grieve (0-5: 1st Half 0-2, 2nd Half 0-3)

Referee: Mark McDonald

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