Another opportunity to support your team and support the Saffron Gael

As we head into the business end of the hurling, football and camogie championship the Saffron Gael offers the opportunity to business’s in the area of the competing clubs to take out an advert supporting their club while promoting their own business.

The price of the advert is £60-00 and should your club progress all the way to the final then your advert will be carried for free after the initial payment, right through to the final.

An advert on the Saffron Gael carries wide exposure for your business and on match days alone can receive between 15,000 and 18,000 views. The advert will be well received by members of your local club and your contribution will enable us to continue the wide range of coverage we provide.

Alternatively if you do not wish to dedicate your advert to a particular club but simply wish to support the Saffron Gael website we can accommodate your advert. Simply send us your business logo with the name of the club you want to support. We will do the photo-shop work.

Send your payment through the pay/pal link on the site or transfer it to our bank account.

Account No: 60144215

Sort Code: 95 06 79

Alternatively you can use the above account details simply to make a contribution to the Saffron Gael

We have included random examples of some of the adverts that local business’ss have taken in support of their club and we thank those business’s for their support.

For further information should you require it contact John at or Mob: 07885226348 or Paddy at or Mob: 07511111378

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