Antrim Championshp Draws 2021

Group One: Cargin, Moneyglass, St John’s, Rossa
Group Two: Portglenone, St Brigid’s, Ahoghill
Group Three: Lámh Dhearg, Aghagallon, Aldergrove, Naomh Éanna
Group Four: Creggan, St Gall’s, Gort na Móna

Senior Football Champions Cargin, who are bidding for the fourth title in a row, have been grouped with neighbours Moneyglass (last season’s Intermediate winners), plus St John’s and Rossa in Group 1 of the Northern Switchgear 2021 Antrim Senior Football Championship which was drawn online tonight by county secretary Frankie Quinn and CCC chairman Raymond Compston.

Group 2, which has only three teams, sees neighbours Casements Portglenone and St Mary’s Ahoghill joined by St Brigid’s, the two south west rivals crossing swords for the second year in a row.

In Group 3 Lamh Dhearg and Aghagallon are again in the same group where they are joined by St James Aldergrove and 2019 Intermediate champions Naomh Eanna.

Group 4, which is also a three-team group, sees last years’ beaten finalists Creggan Kickhams face St Gall and Gort na Móna  

Bathshack Senior Hurling

Group One: Loughgiel, Rossa, Ballycastle, Naomh Éanna
Group Two: St John’s, Dunloy, Cushendall, Tír na nÓg

In the Bathshack Senior Hurling Championship holders Dunloy are in Group 2 where they are grouped with 2018 champions Ruairi Og Cushendall, St John’s and last season’s Intermediate champions Tir na nÓg, who have been handed a real baptism of fire.

Last year’s beaten finalists Loughgiel Shamrocks are grouped with Rossa, Ballycastle and 2019 Intermediate champions Naomh Eanna.

The top two in each group go throuh to the semi-finals

Intermediate Hurling Championship

Group One: Armoy, Clooney Gaels, Gort na Móna, Carey, St Gall’s, Glenariffe
Group Two: Creggan, Sarsfield’s, St Paul’s, Cloughmills, Cushendun

The Intermediate Hurling Championship is always the hardest fought of all the divisions, and this year looks to be no exception. Group 1 includes Armoy, Cloney Gaels, Gort na Móna, Carey, St Gall’s and Glenariffe Oisins with just two of the six qualifying for the semi-finals.

In Group 2, which has only five teams, last year’s Junior Champions St Paul’s are joined by Cushendun, Creggan, Sarsfields and Cloughmills in what appears to be a slightly easier group, though nothing is ever easy in the Intermediate hurling.

The Casement Social Club Junior Hurling

Group One: Rasharkin, Davitt’s, Lámh Dhearg, Junior B winners
Group Two: Glenravel, St Teresa’s, Junior B runner-up, Glenarm

The Casement Social Club Junior Hurling Championship has two groups of four with the winners of each group meeting in the final. Group 1 sees the winners of the Junior B Championship join last year’s runners-up Rasharkin, Lamh Dhearg and Michael Davitt’s while in Group 2 the Junior runners-up take on Con Magee’s Glenravel, Shane O’Neill’s Glenarm and St Teresa’s

Junior B Hurling

Group One: Ballymena, St Brigid’s, Ardoyne
Group Two: Larne, St Agnes, Loch Mór Dál gCais

The Junior B Hurling sees six teams take part with All Saints Ballymena and Ardoyne being joined by new kids on the block St Brigid’s in Group 1, while in Group 2 Latharna Og, Loch Mór Dal gCais and the Aggies battle it out. This group sees the top two qualify for the semi-finals.

Group One: Dunloy, St John’s, Ballycastle, St Gall’s, Rossa
Group Two: Ballycran, Cushendall, Loughgiel, Portaferry

The Reserve Hurling Cup has nine teams battling it out with five in Group 1 – Dunloy, St John’s Ballycastle, St Gall’s and Rossa while in Group 2 the four teams in opposition are Cushendall, Loughgiel, Portaferry and Ballycran. The top two in this competition go through to the semi-finals.

Intermediate Football Championship

Group One: Ardoyne, Ballymena, Tír na nÓg, St Teresa’s, Glenravel, Davitt’s
Group Two: Lisburn, Dunloy, St Paul’s, Sarsfield’s, Glenavy

The Intermediate Football Championship has eleven teams with six in Group 1 and five in Group 2. Group 1 is made up of last year’s Junior Champions Ardoyne, All Saints Ballymena, Tir na nÓg, St Teresa’s Con Magees and Davitt’s. In Group 2 last season’s runners up Dunloy are paired with Sarsfields, Lisburn, St Paul’s and Glenavy with the top two in each group going through to the semi-finals.

Junior Football Championship

Group One: St Comgall’s, O’Donnell’s, Laochra Loch Lao, Pearse’s, Greencastle
Group Two: Rasharkin, St Malachy’s, Ballycastle, St Agnes’, Éire Óg

The Junior Football Championship has ten teams, with two groups of five. Group 1 includes last year’s runners-up St Comgall’s, O’Donnell’s, Laochra Loch Lao, Pearses and new boys Greencastle Wolfetones. Group 2 has Rasharkin, Ballycastle, St Malachy’s, St Agnes and Eire Og with two from each group again making up the semi-finalists.

Reserve Football Cup

Group One: Cargin, Lámh Dhearg, Creggan, Aghagallon, Portglenone, Gort na Móna
Group Two: Rossa, St Gall’s, St John’s, St Brigid’s, Naomh Éanna, Ahoghill

The Reserve Football Cup has twelve teams competing in two groups of six with Cargin, Lamh Dhearg, Creggan, Aghagallon, Portglenone and Gort na Mona making up Group 1, while Rossa, St John’s, Naomh Eanna, St Gall’s, St Brigid’s and Ahoghill are in Group 2   

Reserve Football Shield

Group One: St Comgall’s, Glenavy, Aldergrove, St Paul’s, Ballymena, Tír na nÓg
Group Two: Glenravel, Sarsfield’s, Rasharkin, Moneyglass, Dunloy

The Reserve Football Shield has eleven teams with Group 1 having St Comgall’s, Aldergrove, Glenavy, St Paul’s, All Saints and Tir na Óg while Group 2 includes Con Magees, Sarsfields, Rasharkin, Moneyglass and Dunloy. These teams play each other home and away with the top two again going into the semis.

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