St Malachy’s Hurling team 1945-46

This is a photograph that appeared in the St Malachy’s Year Book (The Collegian) for 1946). It is captioned the St Malachy’s College hurling team 1945-46.

The article referring to the photograph states that they played a number of matches in the South Antrim hurling league, but had to abandon the league when the school broke up for holidays. The writer doesn’t forget to mention that they were unbeaten and neat the team that eventually won the league.

Later in the same article there is mention of an inter-house league for a shield donated by Muiris Ó Droigneáin the Irish teacher in the College. The captains of the house teams are : D McKinley, E McCaughan, CB Murphy, D Kinney, J Monan and J McSparran.

Would anyone be able to identify players in the photograph or provide any other information?

If so can you email

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