Rice goals to give Creggan first win of the season


Creggan 3-12 Oisins 0-20

Oisin’s, Glenariff, took to the field in Staffordstown confident they could overcome an under power, Kickham’s Creggan.  Most of the players on both teams would have been familiar with each other, having met before – 2011 All-County Feile, 2015 Minor Championship & 2019 All-County League – with the South West Side coming on top on all occasions. 

Referee, Darren McKeown, got proceedings under way and Oisin’s started the better with a point on four minutes from Michael Gettens.  This was cancelled out almost immediately with Morgan Nelson pointed from a free for the home side seconds later.  The said player had two more points from frees by the 10th minute while Seanie McHenry and Kieran McKendry for Oisin’s pointed to leave things level with 12 minutes gone.  The homeside bagged the next point from play from Liam McCann while Nelson added to his tally of frees with a 4th point.  Alex O’Boyle’s accuracy for the visitors was decisive when he added two further points from play in the 15th & 16th minute.  O’Boyle added to his tally yet again when he landed the only 65 of the game to push the visitors three points clear.  Creggan’s Kevin Rice chipped over a superb sideline ball on 40 minutes to narrow the gap to two, and the home side drew level again with a points from Sam Maguire and Nelson. However it was the visitors who took charge of the game as we came closer to the short whistle.  Shea McDonnell, David Kearney, Kieran McKendry and Alex O’Boyle all added additional points while Creggan only managed one more score of the 1st half by Kevin Rice on the 31st minute leaving the half time score: Creggan 0.09 v Oisin’s 0.12.

As the second half got under way, Alex O’Boyle had added to his tally with a point from the throw in.  The home side’s free taker, Nelson, scored two additional frees in the 35th and 37th minute while O’Boyle had bagged three more at the other end with by the forty seventh minute, leaving the score 0-16 to 0- 11 to the Oisins.  Creggan needed goals and were unlucky on a number of occasions while Oisin’s opted to to pick off their points, but this would lead to their downfall.  Although Kieran McKendry added to his tally, and O’Boyle put the next two frees over, the pressure was on for Creggan  as they struggled for possession.  Liam McCann threw them a lifeline with a major on the 48th minute while his team mate Sean Donnelly popped over a superb point to leave the score at 0-19 to 0-15 in favour of the visitors.  With four minutes left on the clock plus injury time, the lough-shore lads looked like they were heading for their third defeatof the season, but Kealan McCann struck a 60 metre free dropping short to be doubled into the net by Lee Johnston, to cut the deficit to a one point margin.  With time almost up the game was in the balance, but it was Creggan’s Kevin Rice’s who struck the telling blow for the home side with a goal that put them two in front with only seconds of injury time left. Oisin’s Niall Murray pulled on back for the Oisins, but it was to be the last score of the contest and Creggan clinched victory by the narrowest of margins to reiginte their season

 Referee, Darren McKeown, managed proceedings well allowing the game to flow as both sides were well up for a very physical encounter.

FINAL SCORE:  Creggan 3.12 v Oisin’s 0.20.

KICKHAM’S CREGGAN:  No.1 Tiernan McLarnon, No.2 Michael Maguire, No.3 Aidan Maguire, No.4 Dannan O’Hara, No.5 Jake McAteer, No.6 Ciaran Rice, No.7 Aidan McKeown, No.8 Kealan McCann, No.9 Liam McCann (1.01), No.10 Diarmuid Mulholland,  No.11 Sam Maguire (0.01), No.12 Morgan Nelson (0.07), No.13 Sean Donnelly (0.01), No.14 Lee Johnston (1.00), No.15 Kevin Rice (1.02),

No.16 Oliver Duffin, No.18 Joe Smith, No.19 Nial McAuley, No.20 Sean McAuley.

OISIN’S:  No.1 Paul McMullan, No.2 Michael Haughey, No.3 Conor Robert Patterson, No.4 Martin McAllister, No.5 Donal Kearney, No.6 David Kearney (0.01), No.7 Nial Murray (0.01), No.8 Shane O’Connor (0.01), No.9 Caolan O’Connor, No.10 Kieran McKendry (0.03), No.11 Michael Gettens (0.01), No.12 Alex O’Boye (0.11), No.13 Shea McDonnell (0.01), No.14 Seamus McDonnell, No.15 Seanie McHenry (0.02),

No.16 Seanan McToal, No.17 Dan McKillop, No.18 Oliver Kearney, No.19 Daniel Haughey, No.20 Ciaran Farrell, No.21 Michael McConaghie, No.22 Cahill McDowell, No.23 Ben O’Boyle, No.24 Aaron Crossgrove, No.25 Sean Leech, No.26 Ciaran Black, No.28 Daire Mort, No.30 Michael O’Boyle, No.31 Paddy Burns.

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