First defeat for Latharna Og in Development league

McQuillian, Ballycastle 4-7 Latharna Óg 3-6

Photographs: Paul McIlwaine

This week Latharna Óg camogs took the long stretch down the coast road to meet McQuillan GA & CC Ballycastle; The Larne ladies arrived in Ballycastle with a large squad once again🤝🏼 Latharna Og  knew they would be up against a strong Ballycastle side; a challenging game. The match got off to a flyer, with end to end action! The intensity and discipline played between the two teams was top class. Leigh Murphy commanded the net with the backline support in front of her, a solid line out as expected. The Larne girls had a change in the middle of the park, with Ellie and Niamh in midfield for the first time, who set a great standard of play.

Both girls kept the play linked between the backs and forwards, exactly what is asked of any midfielder. Latharna Og moved the ball about the forward line, and took their chances to go 2-4 to 0-4 at half time. Although good teams always come back and that is exactly what Ballycastle did! The wind picked up much more in second half, to put the visitors under even more pressure than before. Ballycastle battled hard, and their strengths in certain areas really shone through. It went all level with 5 minutes to go and Ballycastle scored a goal and point with no reply from Larne. There were chances missed by both teams, but the Larne girls were frustrated knowing they could have had something out of this game.

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