Maghera top the Leonard Cup table after Tuesday’s blitz

Leonard Cup Blitz 2022

11.00am1St Mary’s0-2C&P5-5
11.00am2St Killian’s2-3St Louis0-5
11.30am1C&P1-2St Louis0-0
11.30am2St Mary’s1-3OLSPK1-0
11.30am3St Killian’s2-2Rathmore0-5
12 noon1St Louis1-6OLSPK0-2
12 noon2C&P0-2Rathmore0-4
12 noon3St Mary’s0-4Maghera1-4
  St Killian’s   
12.30pm2St Louis0-1Maghera2-7
12.30pm3C&PWIN+6St Killian’sLOSS
  St Mary’s   
1.00pm2OLSPK1-2St Killian’s5-6
1.00pm3St Louis1-4St Mary’s0-2
1.301Maghera1-2St Killian’s2-2
1.302Rathmore2-4St Mary’s1-3
  St Louis   
2.001St Killian’s1-6St Mary’s3-1
2.003Rathmore0-0St Louis4-5
Cross & Passion College

St Pat’s Maghera topped the table at today’s Leonard Cup blitz at the Dub, winning all their games, while Cross & Passion were runners-up, with four wins and as a result go straight into the semi-finals of the main competition. St Killians finished third on score difference after winning four as well with St Louis in 4th position. Rathmore were 5th and St Mary’s 6th.

St Killians will play St Mary’s in one quarter final with St Louis taking on Rathmore in the other

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