Cloney put on a scoring exhibition for their fans 

ACHL Division 2

Cloney Gaels 4-21 Kickham’s Creggan 0-14 

Report and Photographs: Joe Rice

Cloney Gaels turned in another power packed performance to sweep aside the challenge of an understrength Creggan in Ahoghill yesterday. Goals from James O’Connell and Neil O’Connell in the opening half and two more from Ronan Graham and Donal Graham in the second sent the home side to a comfortable victory.

Most neutral punters would have predicted victory for the home side at the final whistle, given that the visiting team were still missing at least 5 of their players. The outcome of this game was in no doubt and the Ahoghill side had opened a 4 point lead with 8 minutes on the clock.  It was a further 8 minutes before Cormac Rice dropped a long ball in giving the visitors their first score of the game. 

From that point to half way scores were few and far between for the visitors – Kealan McCann 1 point and Oran McCann 2 points – something you don’t normally see from Creggan.  The visitors were guilty of being off target on quite a few occasions and their forward line struggled with the low ball, as the Cloney defence swept up everything that came their way.

Twelve minutes in, the home side added a James O’Connell goal to their 4 point lead and even at this early juncture it was looking ominous for the visitors. The Ahoghill side continued to dominate for the next 20 minutes with a barrage of points for James O’Connell, Paddy Logan, Bernard Graham, Conor McGarry, PJ O’Connell, Eamon Brady, Colla McDonnell, Donal Graham and another goal from Neil O’Connell with 32 minutes on the clock.

HALF TIME SCORE:  Ahoghill 2.14 v Kickhams 0.04

As the Referee, Fionntan McCotter, threw the ball in for the second half, he and the assembled supporters knew the contest was most likely over and the lads from Cloney would continue as they did in the first half.  To be fair, to the visitors, they kept on going adding 10 points to their first half tally of 4 points – 4 from Sean Duffin, one from Kealan McCann, 2 from Liam McCann, 2 from Oran McCann and a last minute effort from Callum McCann – one of only 2 subs Creggan had on the bench. 

Four and 5 minutes into the second half, Ronan Graham and Donal Graham respectively increased Cloney’s tally adding a goal apiece and Paddy Logan got a second point as did Neil O’Connell whilst James McConnell notched up 4 points in the second half – all from play. 

Cloney will be happy with this win which sees them join Carey and Bredagh at the top of the table with three wins from three starts and this result was never really in doubt.

Creggan performed much better in the second half and matched their opponent’s score for score although most of the damage had already been done in the opening half.  Creggan will hope to get their missing players back into action soon and when these 2 teams meet again in the league the result could be a lot closer.

 Referee, Fionntan McCotter, managed the game well ensuring there were no incidents and had little to do.

 Cloney Gaels:    No.1 Francis Neeson, No.2 Harry O’Donnell, No.3 James Magee, No.4 Dermot Graham, No.5 Conor McGarry (0.01), No.6 Bernard Graham (0.01), No.7 Eoin Graham, No.8 Eamon Brady (0.02), No.9 Neil O’Connell (1.01), No.10 Ronan Graham (1.01), No.11 Paddy Doyle (0.02), No.12 PJ O’Connell (0.02), No.13 Colla McDonnelll (0.02), No.14 Donal Graham (1.01), No.15 James O’Connell (1.08).

Creggan Kickham’s: No.1 Tiernan McLarnon, No.2 Aidan Maguire, No.3 Thomas McCann, No.4 Jake McAteer, No.5 Michael Carey Small, No.6 Liam McCann (0.02), No.7 Niall McAuley, No.8 Kealan McCann (0.02), No.9 Sean Duffin (0.04), No.10 Dermot Carey (0.01), No.11 Oran McCann (0.03), No.12 Cormac Rice (0.01), No.13 Michael Maguire, No.14 Oliver Duffin, No.15 Aaron Hughes, No.17 Callum McCann (0.01), No.19 Mark McCann.

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